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UPrinting events partnerships are geared towards community events for businesses and other organizations. We are here as your partner in bringing success to your event. Promotions with print marketing tools can help you reach out to more people.

It is our goal to support your mission of becoming active in the community through events that inspire and bond members together.

Consider UPrinting as one of your event partners. You can reach us at events@uprinting.com for more details.

How to Join

Event partnerships with UPrinting are open to all businesses and organizations in the US. We offer sponsorships for approved applications. We invite events for graphic designers, photography, art, and business-related activities.

All submitted requests will undergo evaluation. You will receive an update for your application status within 24 hours. We encourage you to apply and send your request to us by completing the form below.

Latest Events
  • Fabricators by Jack Fisher Gallery

  • The Winter Wonderettes at Fox Valley Repertory

  • Central Penn Adobe User Group - Reponsive Web Design

  • Red Dot Miami Annual Art Fair Last December 2012

  • "As the event was actually to help a non-profit organization Creativity Explored the fact that the only cost was shipping of the postcards was extremely helpful."

    Jack Fischer,
    Jack Fischer Gallery

  • "CPAUG is proud to partner with UPrinting.com and has been pleased to offer our user group members special access to the high-quality printing that UPrinting.com offers. Our group members are professional designers and were impressed with the quality of the UPrinting postcards we handed out."

    Megan Fister,
    Central Penn Adobe User Group

  • "UPrinting did an amazing job with our promotional materials. We were pleased with them and their product."

    George Billis,
    Red Dot Art Fair

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